BSAN/IST 326: Database Management Systems

Undergraduate Course, University of Kansas School of Business, Semesters: Spring 2020 - Spring 2023

This undergraduate course, offered to business analytics and information systems students, covers the database development process. The class begins with an overview of databases and the benefits of adopting such an approach. We then work through the database development process, beginning with requirementa analysis. The second half of the class focuses on SQL, beginning with data definition language (DDL) commands to create the tables in a database system. We then cover data manipulation language (DML) commands to add data to the tables. The last month or so of class focuses specifically on the SELECT command to derive insights directly from a database. We also briefly cover data control language (DCL) commands. The class uses Oracle cloud-based database management software and freely available cloud-based diagramming software.

*Please find a copy of the syllabus from a recent offering (schedule at the back) here